Crafting a coat of arms

A family coat of arms is a unique identifying symbol of your family line. It is a hereditary symbol, a badge of honour, and something that sets you apart from others.

Our heraldry team keeps pace with the genealogical research of your ancestors to craft a coat of arms that truly expresses your family values. They operate under the strict rules of the highest heraldry authority in the country, the Heraldry Register of the Slovak Republic.

After approval by the Heraldry Register, your coat of arms is registered in the database of coat of arms and no one outside of your family can use it. Your coat of arms is now your trademark and you are free to use in personal documents and as a logo for your family business.

01 Providing details

We need personal details about the bearer of the coat of arms for the purposes of creating the characteristic shapes and symbols for your own coat of arms. Heraldry is a more conservative branch of science and only those coats of arms that follow specific rules will be accepted.

02 Creating a design

Our heraldry team uses symbols and colours in the process of designing a coat of arms that reflect your personal characteristics while following heraldry rules. We communicate with the heraldry committee before final assessment of your coat of arms to be sure that it complies with all of the rules.

03 Assessment and registration

We send the final design to the heraldry committee for approval, which then adds accepted designs to the heraldry register.