Lineage research

Our clients most often contact us when they:


are looking for an exclusive gift for an important member of their family (parent or grandparent) who is celebrating a significant milestone (a round number birthday or wedding anniversary)


want to enrich their family with knowledge of their roots and to be able to show where their entire family is from

In both cases it is our pleasure to remove the veil of mystery that hangs over their family and examine all of the available sources of information. Our genealogists are passionate about their work and take great pleasure in every fact or detail they are able to trace.

A clearly elaborated Family Chronicle is the final result of our research. The chronicle contains the story of your family.

It includes all the information located in archives and files that could be read or deciphered (dates of birth, death, professions, residences, town histories and other interesting details if contained in these files). All of the data is supported with photo documentation that precisely depicts each of the ancestors described in the chronicle.

The chronicle is not just a simple text or a table with names. Our researchers will seek out all of the interesting details and events that occurred during the lives of your ancestors. They study various historical books, monographs of individual towns, records of landowners and property files and descriptions of traditional occupations to gain a comprehensive insight into the lives of your ancestors.

The chronicle includes analysis of your ancestors’ surnames performed by a Slovak language expert and etymologist (name analysis).

This publication is the exclusive output of the research process and will be enjoyed for many generations of your family to come. To print and bound the chronicle we use only quality materials according to your choice. The chronicle should mirror your style and personality.

This is followed by artistic work. A graphic designer or painter will illustrate your family tree according to your wishes. We craft images in a various styles that contain the names of your ancestors, their dates of birth and death. We use a special canvas to protect the colours on painting against fading.

Why should you research your lineage?

  • 01 learn about your family’s past
  • 02 you will have an heirloom to leave for future generations
  • 03 leave behind an important landmark in your family’s history
  • 04 surprise older members of your family
  • 05 differentiate yourself with something unconventional