How it works?


Initial meeting

Our account manager will welcome you and present all of the individual aspects involved in compiling your lineage. We’ll present the outputs we generate from research (family chronicle and family tree illustration) and services that complement your family history (a family herald and genealogical DNA test). At this meeting we’ll also provide you with a list of documents we need to start our research and we’ll complete written authorisation to allow us to search through vital records.


Meeting with our genealogist

Once the documents needed for research have been gathered, you will meet with our genealogist who will conduct your unique research. They then present the research process, accept the materials you have collected and give you an estimate of the time needed to conduct our research.



Genealogical and ethnological research is a time-consuming process. Our specialists care about the quality of their work. Connections with ancestors are verified several times over so as to be sure that the ancestors we locate truly belong to your family.
We then archive all of the materials we find and provide them to you at the end of our research. These documents are used to preserve this precious information for future generations and as evidence of the accuracy of the details we have located. We do not intentionally exaggerate our research work. We don’t connect you with non-existent ancestors simply because we want to artificially make you an heir to royalty.

Our genealogists often must travel around Slovakia to find the materials and files they are looking for. Trips abroad are also common for us, and we’ll consult on such activities with you in advance. Given all of these factors, the approximate time frame for completing research results is 3 months.


Periodic updates

Our genealogist and account manager will be in contact with you during this time. The genealogist will regularly inform you on the status of research activities. Our account manager will meet you at your convenience during the research project and personally inform you of the current status of the processing of your lineage.


Creating the final result

Our researchers will compile your Family Chronicle once all research activities have come to a close. The chronicle will contain all of the details that have been found, the etymology of your ancestors’ surnames, historical events in areas where ancestors lived and analysis of the habits / occupations of your ancestors. You can expand on your Family Chronicle by completing a DNA test with a map showing the movements of your ancestors. We are also able to incorporate memories of your oldest living relatives completed by our ethnologists. A graphic designer will work on your family tree when completing your Family Chronicle.


Handover of our finished work

Once the final design is complete, you will meet once again with our account manager who will happily present the unique history of your family to you.